Classic puzzle game ‘Chip’s Challenge’ arrives on Nintendo Switch™ on January 25th.

Developed by Imagine Software, this 1989 classic returns with over 140 levels to put your mind (and your fingers) to the test — available for the first time on Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo eShop.

In ‘Chip’s Challenge’, players take on the role of Chip — a puzzle obsessive who desperately wants to join Melinda the Mental Marvel’s computer club. His initiation takes the form of a series of increasingly difficult puzzles. To succeed Chip slide blocks, dodge hazards and collect the computer chips to pass each level. Are you up to the Challenge?

Chip’s Challenge for Nintendo Switch allows players to play this classic puzzle game with many modern features, including:

  • Display filters, including an 80s-style CRT and LCD filter
  • Suspend points – save and restore up to 4 suspend points per game
  • Right and Left handed control presets.

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