Chip's Challenge

In ‘Chip’s Challenge’, players take on the role of Chip — a puzzle obsessive who desperately wants to join Melinda the Mental Marvel’s computer club. His initiation takes the form of a series of increasingly difficult puzzles. To succeed Chip slide blocks, dodge hazards and collect the computer chips to pass each level. Are you up to the Challenge?

The Monty Mole Collection

‘The Monty Mole Collection’ brings together ‘Wanted! Monty Mole’, ‘Monty on the Run’, Auf Wiedersehen Monty’, and ‘Moley Christmas’, with Monty’s partner in crime Sam Stoat also making an appearance in, bonus game, ‘Sam Stoat: Safebreaker’.

Hidden Gems: Volume One

This collection includes four classic Commodore 64 games — N.O.M.A.D., Gilligan’s Gold, Mutant Monty and Horace Goes Skiing — available for the first time on Nintendo Switch.

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